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Why Would You Make This?

New Season, New Topic, New Guest Host. Season # is all about the National Wrestling Alliance Total Non-Stop Action weekly Pay Per Views now knows as "TNA: The Asylum Years"

Nov 11, 2021

We get Confusing Changes, 2000s Fashion, Celebrity Bumps, A Bad Puppet, and a New Financial Backer for Pay-Per-View Episode 13 (also 12) of TNA: The Asylum Years. (PPV Starts 11:42)

Oct 18, 2021

TNA films their second show in one day, and everyone is tired of it. There's non-stop run-ins and regret from anyone available, but at least one secret is revealed, kinda. (PPV starts 8:17)

Sep 16, 2021

During the 10th PPV, we get exactly what we want, but we regret it all, The Worst Sitcoms, Locker Room Ribs, Tag Team Troubles, all of it, as we wonder if anyone is paying attention to the story. (PPV Starts 13:56)

Aug 23, 2021

Choke-boxing, Cocaine Nazis, and Exploding Sharks, are some of the things that happen when we learn that there "Ain't No Heels at the Carnival" all during the 9th ever TNA PPV. (PPV Starts 12:24)

Aug 4, 2021

The company begins to very clearly fall apart in front of the fans, as the NWA authority interferes in matches, characters ignore their own declarations, and chaos reigns supreme at every angle. (PPV starts 13:24)