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Why Would You Make This?

New Season, New Topic, New Guest Host. Season # is all about the National Wrestling Alliance Total Non-Stop Action weekly Pay Per Views now knows as "TNA: The Asylum Years"

Feb 12, 2018

Time, Skylar, and Eug talk "Mr. Pants", Was Wayne's World good?, Skylar hates Burn Notice, Basketball Player Lawn Furniture, Elephant On The Ice, Rubber Pucks, and Alba VS Biel Duel during a torture device about The Alarmingly Unique Life of Mike Myers.

Feb 1, 2018

Time, Delta, and Skylar talk about Locker Room Event Horizon, Waffles vs Pancakes, 2018 Grow Up, Will Smith Improv, Sexy Nervous System, Ike Barinholtz Mustache, Tricking God, and the sequel to Hitch in a What The What movie that wraps itself up over and over.