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Why Would You Make This?

New Season, New Topic, New Guest Host. Season # is all about the National Wrestling Alliance Total Non-Stop Action weekly Pay Per Views now knows as "TNA: The Asylum Years"

Dec 28, 2018

Time, Eug and, Delta talk about The Russian and Bolshevik Show, Mattress Money, The Page Master, Dealing With Addiction, Tony "The Chimp" Danza, The Mime 12 Steps, Confused Judge, and Guessing The Future in this short story no one was allowed to read.

Dec 15, 2018

James Cameron Does Not Present: Red Dead No Redemption, Table of The Lord of The Rings of Elements, The Sound of Nazi Music, Bird Don't Have Beaks, The Giver: The Way I Remember It, Jimmy Time Describes Visual Events, Lab Top Activity Center, and The Future of Social Security in this episode devoid of a story.

Nov 30, 2018

Jon Lovitz does not present: Paid Self-Promotion, Captain Baby, Only All Dogs Go To Heaven, Empty Wheelchair Threat, Little Jesuses, Oh The Places You'll Jerk Off in this Self Rip-Off Episode.

Nov 19, 2018

Ron Howard does not present: Time, Delta, and Eug talk Truth Movie Quotes, How We Won The War, Eug discovers Radio, The Most Polite Town, Rod "Padding" Serling, The Blunning Blan, Cigarette Distance, and Blades Lollipops in what they used to call a Steally.

Oct 25, 2018

Tom Cruise Does Not Present: Time, Delta and Eug talk about #SecondCivilWar, Sinatra is Trash, Spy Al Yankovic, Hell's Hierarchy, The 1930's Ice Age, "Is he dead? I hope so!", A Magic Pig Hoof, and a Death Flashback during this Dramatic episode.