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Why Would You Make This?

New Season, New Topic, New Guest Host. Season # is all about the National Wrestling Alliance Total Non-Stop Action weekly Pay Per Views now knows as "TNA: The Asylum Years"

Aug 25, 2017

Delta and Money talk Fast and the Furious franchise, Watching A Man Die, Punk Music, Bad Mouthing Women, Tough Life Lessons, Rules of Consent, Baby water, Star Wars rip-off, and we "sing" Thriller during a movie we watched multiple times and still don't understand.

Aug 12, 2017

Jay Delta and Skylar talk Blockbuster Movie Covers, Skinemax idiots, Homeless Homos, Being Mark Malkovich, Tough Jobs, Girl Talk, Undead Sequels, and A Rose in this Cult Classic full of people who are Tri-Polar.