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Why Would You Make This?

New Season, New Topic, New Guest Host. Season # is all about the National Wrestling Alliance Total Non-Stop Action weekly Pay Per Views now knows as "TNA: The Asylum Years"

Dec 31, 2017

Time, Skylar, and Delta talk The Bread Podcast, Old York, Lazy Cops, Dead-Kid-Toy Angels, Snake Doctor '79, Santa's Resume Padding, Terrible humans, Holy Rat Bites, Easy Sleazy God, and "When Can You Form A Torch Mob?" Answered in this Genre-less Apocalypse film.

Dec 16, 2017

Jimmy Time and Skylar, the former comic blog guy, talk about Pie Mom, Part-Time Workers, A Certified Cardboard Bad Ass, Operation Hoosier Daddy, Porn Stars Acting, White Guilt, Extremely Elaborate Espionage, & "3 Jingles and a Way" during this "No One Wants It" story narrated by Jimmy Time The Cable Guy.

Nov 30, 2017

Delta, Skylar, and Time talk President Art, Drug Dealing spot, Deflating Earth, President Schwarzenegger, Break your muscles, Future Hacking, Mental Doctors, Home Alone the City in this very accurate depiction of the future.

Nov 12, 2017

Time, Delta & Eug talk 1995 years, Weird Names, Hip 90s Corporate Kid, Protesting AIDS, Just Like My First Wife, Fax Machines, Spoilers for Cube the movie, Childhood Memories, The Current and Next Hollywood Scandal during the Cyberpunk Masterpiece.

Oct 31, 2017

Time, Delta & Money talk German Movie Genres, Jessica Falling, Type Casting Cuba Gooding Jr, Looney Tunes, White Women Be Crazy, Racism, Sexual Assault, Child Rape, and Space Turtles in this complete rip off of a movie.