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Why Would You Make This?

This Temporary message was made on March 20th 2017.

Jul 13, 2017

Delta & Eug talk different types of race jokes, mattress stores, Embarrassing Parents, That Classic Howard Stern episode, The Pet Peeve podcast, Life is Juggling, Happy High Fives, and how The wrong one died. Plus, we play Is It A Bit? and O&As during Christmas in July Month

Jun 28, 2017

Time, Delta, & Money talk Alien Elvis, Weekend at Area 51, What if Hilary was President, John Oliver, Mt. Rushmore, Flat Earth maps, Spaceship Hats, Human Cent-ipede, & breathing Helium, all as we explain the first movie, in a sequel that rewrites both it's universe & ours.

Jun 10, 2017

Time & Money teach Biology class, fail History class, & master acting class; then talk Aiming for Life, Space Shit, & about the Prop budget in a movie about Flashbacks with absolutely no Acting, followed by a dramatic reading of Rocket Man by Elton John.

May 26, 2017

Cheese, QuinceaƱera Candles, Blackmail, Fancy Pig, The Books & Balloon Store, Bible Healin', Poop Touchers, Mercury Rising, Hamburger Spectrum, Talon Foot, Board Games, Religion Exposed, and Things we all know about.

May 12, 2017

Jay Delta and Danny Money talk Hipsters, Bagged Bread, Southern Pride, White Culture, Fishin' Holes, Laughter Per Decade, Hook Worm, and Wrestling Heels. Also, we play Naked in Math Class and Racist or Accurate. Finally, we sing Drinkenstein.